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“A Hidden Gem”

Iverson Spit Preserve is one of the best attractions on Camano island. Trip Advisor rates Iverson Spit Preserve as number #5 on the list but in my opinion this should be rated #1.  I think that it’s not rated higher on Trip Advisors list because it’s off the beaten path and a little hard to find..  Don’t get me wrong, Camano Island state park and Cama Beach are great places to visit, but Iverson Spit preserve is a true hidden gem.  Activities include Bird watching, beach combing, skim boarding and hiking.  Best of all it is free !  Directions to this place take you down to a residential street with cabins on the water off to one side.  Drive all the way down to the end of the street to were the entrance is to the preserve.  The uniqueness of this place has to do with the 70 plus degree water in the summer for swimming and the Hobbit or Sandy beach trails inland.  The hiking trails are about 1 mile loops around the preserve.  This makes for a great hiking adventure or hiking trip.   This is also an excellent place for bird watching (song birds, raptor birds, and both salt and fresh water aquatic birds).



Iverson Spit Preserve

3 Iverson Rd, Camano Island, WA 98282

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